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Today, the best location to purchase loose diamonds is on the internet. A huge selection of diamonds in variety of sizes, grades and prices are on sale from many reputable dealers. One should know, however, that the majority of the merchants offering these diamonds do neither own nor have the diamonds offered.

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Find out about cuts, clarity color, carat, and cut to help you choose the most suitable diamond for your requirements. Explore over 200,000 certified diamonds by GIA depending on your budget and aesthetic.

Purchase your diamond on its own or set into an engagement ring that we have designed specifically for you. Adiamor is a firm zero-tolerance policy towards conflict diamonds. All diamonds we sell come in legitimate sources.

You’ll be able to find the perfect diamond for the engagement ring or for other jewelry. We promise the industry’s most affordable diamond prices and best quality. Our online diamond collection is unrivaled and exclusive. Locate your diamond.

This site offers loose diamonds online. It also has selection of diamonds from 80 percent of globe’s market for diamonds. All diamonds are independently certified for your protection. Shop now and get free shipping , and a full refund assurance

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