A great summer t-shirt that’s airy and sweat free while you’re wearing it!

So, are you in search of a performance tee shirt that doesn’t break you bank account? Here it is. These are pretty basic and pretty awesome. 1st off, this is a simple synthetic tee shirt. Solid colors and good materials. They run just a tad bit larger with an old school cut. I’m 6 feet and 200 lbs and cheap Venezuela jerseys (Going to Nfljersey 1688) the large fits just about perfect.

The shirt is comfortable and holds no water. It competes with original brand shirts for about 1/3rd of the price. These work great as a synthetic, thin base layer. They excel in hot weather and in conditions where you will get wet.

The shirt itself seems to be made of high-quality materials. And it delivers on the moisture wicking as promised. The blue heather looks even better than I expected.

They are thin. They create a little static electricity at times. They are just basic, workhorse tees, but made from modern materials. Great for Hiking, running, the gym, the beach, your lawn care company, or wherever sweating is an issue.

Get a couple to try out. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

I’m surprised at the low price, and have ordered two more in other colors.

One great airy t-shirt and guaranteed not to make you sweat! Wearing this make you feel that you’re not wearing anything because it’s very light and it’s like wearing a cheese cloth because it’s so airy. This is the best shirt for jogging or playing baseball in the hot summer or riding a bicycle under the hot 92 degree sun in the after noon and I love these t-shirts so much that I bought 6 of them alternating each day! These T-shirts comes in different colors and Highly recommended t-shirts!

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